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Gagging, An Authoritarian Tool

Recently I had a visitor who started a sentence with the words “Don’t tell anyone but..” This was a gagging order and I quickly made it clear to the person that if I was to be gagged then it was better if I wasn’t informed of that particular piece of information. Being gagged is not a pleasant business, it increases fear and in a way is actually a threat.

When people or organisations have something to hide or protect, they will often impose gagging orders on associates or employees to safeguard an agenda or a course of action that they don’t want others to be aware of.
Authoritarians and fascists have always used this method to control events and there are many examples across history of this happening but it is in our time, right now that gagging has come to the fore in an unprecedented way in most countries that are under orders by Elites who would take over the world completely, ensuring that every facet of it is under their control.

Health, media, education and government employees of all positions and descriptions have been issued orders that they are not to talk about their work, or risk prosecution, job loss or some other form of retribution.

Gagging is a sign of a sick society

Any society that finds it necessary to censor or gag participants is inherently sick. Compare it with a free and open society where ideas are exchanged without fear of reprisal and one can soon see the difference.
A story came to my attention recently of a woman who noticed a telecommunications workman digging a hole outside her house on the berm, she watched the man and saw that he was installing technical equipment and so being curious she approached the worker and asked what the purpose of the equipment was. She was politely told that by the man that he was unable to talk about it. When she pressed him, he said he would lose his job if he told her anything and was obviously very uncomfortable about any interaction with the woman.

We know that governments are morphing into corporations and that we are living more and more in a corporatocracy in which economic, political and judicial systems are controlled by corporations or corporate interests and it is the mindset of this type of system that is responsible for the huge increase in gagging that has become prevalent in our world. Companies that operate through a top-down management approach are essentially choosing an autocratic leadership model and you only have to look at how governments are structured to see this occurring.
Even if a country has adopted a ‘proportional representation’ arrangement of governance, the system is wide open to gagging abuse with members easily banned from parliament if they don’t play the game or do as they are told.

So as rampant gagging is a sign of a repression and the enforcement of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom, one has to ask the question, is it a world we wish to create and live in and if so, where could it possible lead us other than down a path of increased pain and suffering?

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