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Another Blockade And Threats Of War

A new Commander in Chief of British forces (Sir Patrick Sanders) has announced to his troops that they should prepare for a WWIII ‘ground war’ against Russia. This comes as another blockade by NATO and The West has been instigated for the Lithuanian port and city of Kaliningrad through which sanctioned goods have been entering Russia.
Meanwhile a Russian retired general and military expert (Evgeny Buzhinsky) has warned on state television in Russia that if the port blockade is not resolved that it is unlikely that a ground war would occur, the British Isles would simply vanish because of a nuclear strike and as the general says, “I don’t know where the Commander In Chief or his descendants will live because the British Isles will physically cease to exist.”

Similar rhetoric has been heard before but there is no doubt that the situation in Lithuania is a dangerous one that could escalate, to the point where Russia could extend it’s borders into Lithuania.
Meanwhile sentiment in Europe and the West in general is decreasing for this kind of sanctioning conflict which seems to have little effect other than to make life difficult for those who impose the sanctions.
Lithuania (which is a member of NATO and the EU) itself says it is complying with an EU directive to not allow the transit of goods covered by sanctions imposed over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is confident that it will be protected by fellow members.

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