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The Unvaccinated Fully Vindicated, Again

The Journal of Medical Ethics is a monthly peer-reviewed academic journal covering the field of bioethics (established in 1975) has released a feature article vindicating the unvaccinated for having the foresight to allow natural immunity to protect them from any covid virus. To quote the journal..

“Covid-19 vaccine requirements have generated significant debate. Here, we argue that, on the evidence available, such policies should have recognised proof of natural immunity as sufficient basis for exemption to vaccination requirements.”

The journal goes on to say..

“We suggest that we lack clear and convincing scientific evidence that vaccine-induced immunity has a significantly higher protective effect than natural-immunity. Subjecting them to mandates is therefore not justified.”

Doctor John Campbell (Master of science and PHD) also points out that the ‘one size fit’s all’ approach to the plandemic by governments is odd and on a Youtube interview describes of a collection of studies with the following results..

“All of the included studies at least statistical equivalence between the protection of full vaccination and natural immunity and three studies found superiority of natural immunity.”

The New England Journal of Medicine has also now promoted a study that..

“New study indicates natural immunity offers greater protection from Covid-19 than vaccines.”

Now that the deed has largely been done, it certainly looks like peer group professionals are running for cover, right when relatively large numbers of people are dying or becoming injured as a result of the vaccines.
At a time when mistrust in the medical profession and big pharma is at an all time high, these reports and studies are continually reinforcing that natural immunity and an unvaccinated status is desirable in the extreme.

An informative video on the subject of natural immunity can be seen here.

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