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Denial, The Go-to Government Strategy Under Strain

As most countries on planet Earth hurtle towards economic, political and social chaos, governments are finding it more and more difficult to maintain use of their go-to tool, denial. The reason being that, it is clear to anyone who doesn’t watch television on a regular basis or believe everything that is fed to them by mainstream media that change is no longer about to happen, it is now happening all around us and prices at the petrol pumps are just the tip of the disintegrating iceberg.

I remember seeing an action movie once of a chaotic scene in the foyer of a high-rise building. The hero managed to get into a lift and pushed the button for the top floor. For the next minute or so the audience was soothed by the hero regrouping himself to the peaceful sound of “The Girl from Ipanema” as the lift ascended. At the top floor however, the doors opened and the audience was confronted with bodies being thrown around, blood effects and the madness of battle once again.

If a person accepts and lives permanently in a ‘Girl from Ipanema’ world, soothed by the media and the grinning face of a puppet politician, constantly being fed denials of any other valid reality, they will never know that there is a battle raging outside the lift.

The reality is that many people have chosen to live in such a ‘Truman Show’ world and don’t want to budge from it, but it is getting more difficult. As inflation climbs and the price and even availability of basics starts to become questionable, cracks in the walls are becoming undeniable to all but the most ignorant.

Just last week the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka had his private residence burnt to the ground by angry citizens who could no longer buy the illusion of stability from their corrupt government. The country is so in debt that it cannot pay interest on the loans it has borrowed from the international community and the president’s lavish lifestyle hit an angry nerve that has resulted in civil disobedience. When there is no petrol at the pumps, the economy simply grinds to a halt and most Sri Lankans are now facing destitution.

Denial of the reality of things by those in power may work for a while but eventually they, or those who fill their positions, will be exposed when the lift doors inevitably slide open.

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