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Planned Deconstruction of Civilisation Under Way

Food shortages, power shortages, housing shortages, fuel shortages and an abundance of economic inflation all point to one thing, disaster for a lot of people and when one looks at how humanity got into this situation, two phrases come to mind.. ‘incompetence’ and ‘planned deconstruction’.
It has to be one or the other and although the idiocy of government decision making is an attractive option to explain the mess, I tend to lean towards the other.

There are too many coincidences pointing at an ideology driving what is happening on an increasingly daily basis. Take any of the above.. electricity for example. Forcing the price of fuel up in order to push people into electric cars is simply not going to work. The masses can’t afford expensive electric cars for a start, they are proving to be dangerous and then there is the increasing unavailability of electricity. Can politicians be that short sighted? Housing, why isn’t government funded cheap housing being built, these are desperate times for many? People are living in cars and or being pushed into deteriorating motels rather than governments coming up with a useful strategy for housing.

It’s when you have a good look at the way food suppliers are being pushed out of business with restrictive rules and compliance costs that alarm bells really begin to ring.
In my country orchardists are now insisting that people pick their own apples because they can’t find labour or are unable to afford pickers to do the job. That means that people have to use petrol to get to an orchard and back to get some apples.
None of what is happening makes any sense until one looks at things as a planned deconstruction. And there is plenty to back this up.

The puppet-masters who pull strings on a global level have said quite clearly in public forums and political gatherings that the aim is depopulation, the destruction of the current political and economic systems with a build back better approach into a corporatocracy, rigged completely in their favour. Wars and pandemics are being staged in order to shift wealth and the emotions and mind sets of the masses are being manipulated to achieve this.
Mass psychosis is being encouraged and created across populations with even children being programmed into madness at schools.
This and much more is painfully evident for those who are brave enough to look.
What can we do? Fight for our minds, avoid mainstream media and prepare.

Collapse of our western civilisation is imminent. Are you ready?

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