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Will BRICS Nations Survive The Coming Collapse

What is BRICS? It’s a block of five economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. (Acronym) and the leaders of these countries recently met to discuss their reasons for being part of this group.
It became clear that the agendas or needs of each of these countries is different.
China wants to use BRICS as a rival to the USA, Russia wants to use BRICS to avoid western sanctions etc.
Two more countries have applied for membership. Argentina and Iran and both of these countries are rich in resources to trade.
My first thought when I heard of these additional potential members is, what would the new acronym look but there is no doubt that the purpose of such a collection of economies is to create a new world economic order and it’s understandable.
Members of the WEF (World Economic Forum) have an agenda in place for the West that spells collapse and a rebuild. Inflation in the West is no accident it is being driven deliberately to cause a collapse. The introduction of Green policies is about to cause disaster for farmers and supply chains, on purpose.

The purpose of BRICS is to counter this attempt by Western global oligarchs to rule the world. They obviously have no desire to live under the rule of a Western global elites and have created a group to counter the move. If successful and more countries join them then theoretically the US dollar which is currently being printed out of thin air will collapse completely and a new economic foundation will exist, with a new currency as it’s base.

The problem for the rest of us is that China has by far the largest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the group and so will likely be the driving force for the organisation should it really take off.
Economics is closely in hand with social policy and that means an emphasis on a SCS, (social credit system). China’s SCS is incredibly invasive of the freedoms and autonomy of individuals and is unlikely to find favour among citizens of many countries.

China has been putting feelers out to many countries around the world. Thailand, Senegal, Nigeria, The United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Egypt have all been identified as ‘possible’ members for BRICS and with more and more countries defaulting on their IMF (International Monetary Fund) loans, there could good pickings for that reason too.

The balance of economic power around the globe is definitely in a state of flux, the theatre of global wealth is morphing constantly. BRICS may well become a major influencer and cog in the wheel of any future major power structure.

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