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Last Chance To Get Your Teeth Fixed

If you haven’t already then now is the time to get those teeth fixed. As global chaos hits there will be little chance to have them repaired, food is about to become a first priority.
The American fake government just announced that it expects to be engaged in a ‘years long’ war in the Ukraine while elsewhere around the globe psychopathic leaders are sizing up who they can pick a fight with other than their citizens. Globally, things are becoming unstable and polarised.
When a government is printing money without having the physical resources to back it up then only one thing can happen, massive inflation and that is already what we are seeing with prices of goods and services hiking and no sign on the horizon that anything different is likely to occur.

The deliberate building of a recession in order to make people dependant on a centralised global government is the stated aim but just how that world government will look has yet to be determined and that is what the conflict in Ukraine is really about, it is superpowers vying for global dominance on any soil other than their own.

The only way that a country can climb out of an inflationary recession is for citizens to buy more. That however is not happening and is unlikely to happen in most nations because people are cutting back on buying, they can’t afford to buy more and so the writing is on the wall. The only solution that governments have in a such a situation is either to borrow money or print fake money but in the end if any money is not backed by physical resources then it’s value can only drop.

Anyone with just a little nous would have to ask the question. Why are so many resources and military might being poured into the Ukraine when in the US has huge domestic problems rising?
NATO has just put 300,000 troops on high alert to fight in Eastern Europe and NATO is comprised of 28 European and 2 North American (US and Canada) countries. Of those countries, the US has by far the most clout, militarily and politically, so it is calling the shots. The Ukraine conflict is essentially America against Russia and it is a proxy war.

There is even an increasing possibility that nuclear capable governments will resort to using those weapons or even biological weapons (has that already happened) to achieve their ends and that will spell disaster for any humans on the planet as well as nature. Remember, these people are capable of justifying anything when they are in power.

So what can we, the ordinary people do? If you can find the money and an honest dentist, get those teeth fixed for a start because finding someone to do dental work in the near future may not be possible and there is nothing worse than a nagging toothache at the best of times.

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