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The Georgia Guidestones Demolished

The controversial and so-called ‘Georgia Guidestones’ took a major hit last night. There are reports that an explosion was responsible while from the appearance of the construction, something very heavy could also have been used to destroy much of the monument.
More reports have come in saying that the rest of the stones have been quickly demolished, no doubt as they pose a risk to human health.

The granite monuments ‘stood’ in Elbert County, near the South Carolina border of the USA and is thought to be the work of Elites who in 1980 used them to pronounce their intentions to depopulate the planet of humans to just 500 million.
The stones symbolised the ‘Green’ movement in many ways, expressing self loathing and a hatred of humanity as being a scourge upon the earth.

What is surprising is that this monument to such a flawed ideology has lasted as long as it has. Perhaps a real indication of the tolerance and allowance that many who support free speech exhibit.
This latest occurrence though may signal a time when push back against a powerful minority is about to take place on a whole new level.

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