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NZ: Petrol Continues To Rise In Price

This morning in town I grabbed a pic of the advertised petrol prices at the local station. You can see it above compared to July the fourth’s prices and also the prices in the USA.
I hear a lot of grumbling online by Americans about the price of their petrol catapulting in price, perhaps they should spare a thought for what New Zealanders are being forced to pay.

According to the online watchdog site a litre of petrol in the USA has an average price of $1.325 ($5.016 a gallon) while in New Zealand we are paying $3.311 a litre (NZ$12.532 a gallon).
The New Zealand dollar has less value than a US dollar (almost a half) so one can see that New Zealanders are paying a lot to keep things going when the government is spending money like it is water.

Why is petrol so highly priced in New Zealand? Taxation! That’s right, half the cost of a litre of petrol goes to the government as a petrol tax. If that tax was removed it still wouldn’t be in line with the USA price, but almost.

Why is the government taxing petrol at such a high rate in New Zealand? To pay for the so-called welfare state. The welfare-state in New Zealand has been dismantled, but the taxes have remained.

We know now that the rise in petrol prices has nothing to do with Russia, the conflict in Ukraine or any form of scarcity, the real reason for high petrol prices is to collapse the current economic and political system by globalists in order to ‘build back better’ in their own image. Globalists have themselves admitted this and using the ‘green’ agenda of promoting electricity as the way ahead when there isn’t enough of the stuff to get cities through a winter, is simply a way of enforcing what they have in mind.

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  1. Keith Keith July 9, 2022

    Its to pay for the third world immigrants of which per head of population NZ has the most of in the world, does anyone remember the govt asking if it was OK to import infinity peasants from shithole countries ? b
    PS. I spelled peasants wrong, it should end in ers.

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