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NZ: 1st August Next Planned Lockdown?

While Dutch and Italian farmers make a stand against globalist government dictates, the mainstream media is silent and shows nothing. The Netherlands is the second largest producer of food on the planet (the USA is the largest) and farmers have literally come under fire for driving their tractors to town in protest against their government’s draconian zero-carbon laws.

The Globalist war on food and those who produce it is well under way with attacks on farmers, supply lines and small businesses. The goal is to reduce the world population through starvation and wars while they sit back and wait for an opportunity to ‘build back better.” These are the stated aims of those who would rule the world.

Chaos is the tool that this small minority of people use while pursuing their ideologies at the expense of everyone else. Farmers on the other hand are close to the earth and know only too well what will happen if they are prevented from producing food.
Laboratory grown insects are what Globalists would have everyone eating, and they would also have themselves in charge of how many insects you get to eat and when.

Make no mistakes every country on the planet is being put in this position by these oligarchs, with any ruler who comes to power being nothing more than a mouthpiece and a puppet. Elections are being rigged and police forces being armed and told to show no mercy towards any insurrection that may occur, and this includes rebellious farmers who are about to go out of business.

Intuitively we all know that the situation is moving to a crisis point. In the country where I live, the first of August is being rumoured as the date when the next major assault by the proxy government against citizens will be instigated. That’s just over two weeks away and rumour has it government departments and large corporations have all been alerted to prepare themselves for what is coming. This same strategy was employed before the covid-19 plandemic got under way.
Another complete lockdown with a fictitious virus as an excuse is a very real possibility but it remains to be seen just what the next move will be.

Prime-ministers and Presidents around the planet must be watching Sri Lanka with interest as citizens have completely rebelled, overrunning palaces and administration buildings and the homes of the people they placed their trust in. Leaders have reportedly escaped to waiting naval ships off the coast.
None of this is being reported by mainstream media.


  1. Gary Moller Gary Moller July 11, 2022

    I feel you may be right. Listening to the talk on media like National Radio they are signalling compulsory mask-wearing outside of the home in response to the surge in COVID, colds and flu and now Monkey-Pox. They are also signalling a delay of the return to school after these holidays by 2 weeks or longer. So the timing you have here seems plausible.

    So, what do we do about it? We need to encourage mass non-compliance if there is to be any more of this conscience!

    • Dan Dan July 11, 2022

      That’s the one, non-compliance is really the only tool we have.

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