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‘Performative Care’ The Art Of Deceiving The Vulnerable

Performative care or pseudo care is demonstrating care for secondary or personal gain and when one observes and listens to many politicians, doctors and other professionals in positions of responsibility, it becomes evident that things are not exactly as they are portrayed.

Take doctors for example, these days many illnesses are being diagnosed as covid related in order to exaggerate statistics while side effects from covid injections are being ignored and attributed to something else (often covid). This is deep deception from people one should be able to trust.
Theatre is an increasingly occurring element in professionalism because retaining an income which is necessary to support a family, a habit or further a career often gains precedence over the truth during a ten minute consultation or meeting.

Life’s victims can become confused, burned out, depressed, lonely or angry when they are taken in by lies. Such people who are particularly vulnerable to sociopathic or narcissistic control from those who pretend to care but are actually predatorial in nature.

If you think you’ve spotted a performative carer, hold onto your valuables and walk or look away. You’ll be better off dealing with problems yourself than entering a trap that will damage your confidence and weaken any opportunity to improve your life.

Performative caring is currently becoming a global phenomenon so the next time you encounter a suspicious interaction, be on high alert. If someone tries to sell you inclusion, empathy or a form of justice, these can often be presented to bait and draw you in.

How many times have people been taken in by politicians who promise the world and deliver nothing but pain? Very often, because they are masters of Performative caring.

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