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Mental Auto-Correct, Essential During A Psyop

With so much propaganda flying around these days it’s important to have a mental auto-correct in place to combat what we are told or hear. Someone once said ‘hear something often enough and you start to believe it’ and when people are exposed to a constant barrage of a particular point of view (such as who is to blame for the conflict in Ukraine or that there is a deadly virus circulating in the air) then the opportunity to look at things in a balanced way becomes less and less possible.
An, ‘on the fly’ auto-correct is necessary to filter information that is arriving on a daily or even by the minute basis if one is to retain one’s balance, and the faster the process works, the better.
When talking to people, hearing or seeing the news while in a cafe, seeing signage in the street or around public buildings, auto-correcting is constantly necessary to contain and break through propaganda.

Computational algorithms and social engineering

Increasingly we are seeing computational algorithms being used to sway public opinion, in the news media, social media and search engines. Search engines are especially key because if you need to know something and type in a search on a particular subject, the results are filtered to present an overall opinion. There is no way of escaping that particular mindset loop if one relies entirely or even partially on it.
Where we get our information is paramount to the health of our mindset and point of view and nowadays, having a way to adjust what is being fed to us is vital.

They wouldn’t do that!

Anyone who thinks that they are not a target during a large scale psyop (psychological operation) is sadly mistaken. Especially in this technological age, everyone is accessible, through television or the many other modes of communication available to us. Even computer operating systems are getting in on the act by asking for personal information and permissions that are not relevant to their function. Data about each of us is becoming valuable. There are 8 billion people in the world, could a file on each person be feasible? Computers are improving all of the time, 8 billion searchable text files on a centralised server may already be possible.

Psyops exploit human emotions to achieve determined outcomes and they are usually undertaken by just a small group of people. When objective reasoning and belief systems are short circuited to radically alter a target’s way of thinking, two primary fears are generally introduced, the fear of death, and fear of poverty. These break down the target’s willpower, making them mentally weak and easy to manipulate. Sound familiar. The recent lockdowns were a prime example and the process hasn’t actually stopped.

Putting out the rubbish

While an instant, mental auto-correct is a useful tool to combat a psyop, giving oneself enough quiet time to sift what has ‘got through’ is important. A tool such as meditation can aid in the process of connecting to oneself so to speak and can speed up the process of putting out the rubbish, thus getting one’s house in order.
Psyops are about making people unstable and mental slaves, having the tools to raise awareness and keep alert to what is coming one’s way is pivotal to survival. How to deal with what does come one’s way is crucial.

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