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Crimea, May Be Set To Explode

Over the last twenty-four hours, concerning developments have been taking place over the Crimean Peninsula. Information has it that NATO supplied long range missiles are about to be deployed by Ukraine to knock out Russian military targets in the southern region of Crimea. The US has issued a statement that all Americans plus embassy staff need to leave the Ukraine immediately.
Meanwhile a statement by a Russian Official says that Russia will unleash a doomsday should any attack be launched against Crimea.
Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said, “Ukraine will be faced with a doomsday should they launch an attack on Crimea”.

So far in the Ukrainian conflict, Ukraine itself has not launched any offensives, they have been defending only. So this is a new development, assumedly buoyed because they have been supplied with the necessary missiles by NATO.
Medvedev accused the Ukrainians of being clowns who pop up and threaten Russia over the region every now and then and that there will be a very quick and tough reaction should any aggressive action be taken against Crimea.

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