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NZ: Is Omicron Another Political Construct?

In New Zealand the so called Omicron BA.5 covid variant is getting an enormous amount of air time on mainstream media and as many know by now, all of the MSM outlets here are an established arm of the government propaganda machine.
As each variant appears either lockdowns or mandates are imposed that further dig the country into an economic black hole with small businesses collapsing and (regardless of what the the government figures may say) unemployment soaring along with inflation and the cost of living. The general well being of the nation however continues to descend.
More boosters, more money for Pfizer and an assurance from the laughing prime minister and her cohorts that ‘we can beat this’ if people will only adhere to the officially prescribed dictates ‘for two weeks or more’.
And behind all this theatre, the WEF, the WHO, the UN and now the EU are waiting for their opportunity to take control of the chaotic situation being created by imposing a global strategy, with them in charge.

When Hysteria reigns

The more general hysteria the better for these globalists because it gives them an excuse to further control people and unleash whatever restrictions they like upon the unsuspecting public. At least that is what they would like to believe. Many people however have had enough of the whole charade and are becoming more willing to trust their own immune systems to get them through whatever is around.
With more and more human deaths occurring as a result of the so called vaccines and boosters the madness is compounded when those deaths are being attributed to the virus.

Could it be a complete fiction?

Why not, who do you believe? Paid off government lackeys (servile followers) who are afraid to lose their professional status? Government puppets, who are doing what they are told by their oligarch overlords? The media who are in the same situation?
Or does one follow one’s own critical thought processes and intuition which tells you that none of this actually adds up and that you have survived colds and flus your whole lifetime so why not let nature take it’s course as usual? Are we adult children or shall we decide for ourselves on issues concerning our own health?

How many people do you know who have died of Omicron BA.5?

I don’t know any. The MSM say that people are dropping like sprayed flies from the disease and while the government would have us cowering in our homes with face nappies on while keeping at a distance from all loved ones? Doesn’t that sound absurd? It does, because it is.

I have come across people who declare adamantly that they’ve had omicron (or one of the variants, they never know which one), and when I ask them how they know they’ve had it, the answer is always that they have been told by a doctor or a test. When I explain that there are financial incentives for doctors to report positive covid test results and that the tests themselves are ‘not fit for purpose’ (as explained by their creator Kary Mullis), the response is always the same. Disbelief that their doctor would lie to them.
The same can be said for people who get jabbed, they simply can’t believe that politicians and professionals would lie to them.

“Besides, “they say, it’s everywhere in the news and on Google search.”

“Yep,” I answer with an air of expectation, “it’s everywhere when you search for it.”

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