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Russia and China Create New Global Currency

While everyone has been distracted by the conflict in Ukraine, Omicron and Monkeypox, Russia and China have created a new global currency that is based on minerals and not thin air as the US dollar is.
As expected the mainstream media have hardly mentioned the event. What this means is that the new reserve currency won’t be the US dollar but will be based on rare earth minerals.
Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that this new global currency is being set up by the BRICS countries.
The move is to cut dependency and create a joint network payment system that is not reliant on the Western Financial System.

Gold, uranium and nickel and copper are the real tangible things that the new currency will be based on. Russia has been stockpiling gold over the last twenty years while the Chinese love of gold is historical.
The 20 year plan to de-dollarise the planet is showing signs of becoming a real thing.

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