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Governments Moving To Linux

More and more governments are shifting to open source operating systems and in particular Linux. Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost German state announced recently that it has been looking at solutions for its administration and schools, and all 25,000 PCs will be moving from Windows to Linux.
Microsoft Office is being dumped too in favour of the free and open source, LibreOffice.

China has chosen Linux to be it’s state-endorsed operating system, Putin is turning the Russian government’s computers to Linux as is the Brazilian government. France, India, South Korea, Spain, Nasa and Cern are all migrating to Linux, even ‘The U.S. Department of Defence’ uses the Linux operating system.
LibraOffice is also becoming the preferred document creation software in Italy and many other countries that are looking to avoid Microsoft’s expensive pricing schedule.

On a personal note, about six months ago I migrated permanently to Linux myself. On two previous occasions I tried to make the shift, only to return to Windows 10 because of driver issues for my 3D work and a few other niggling problems. I’m happy to say that this time, perseverance has paid off, any issues I had have been resolved and I am now firmly ensconced in open source world. Linux Mint is my distro (distribution) of choice and I’m finding it fast and easy to use.

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