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AI Global and Local Government Is The Way Forward

Shock-horror you say but in this opinion piece I’m going to briefly explore why I think this is an important possibility for all eight billion people on Planet Earth.
Years ago when I was an avid Star Trek fan, a particular concept would often come up which I felt had a lot of potential but was was not being fully developed or even completely understood by the script writers of the time, it is the idea of ‘The Prime Directive’.

The Prime Directive in my scheme of things is just that, ‘a directive’, a body of knowledge that provides guidance on how to deal with a situation, proceed with a construct of some sort, remove an obstruction or prevent something from happening etc.
In the Star Trek series, ignoring the Prime Directive or bending it by thinking outside of the box was always looked upon with disfavour and individuals who did this, even if it saved the situation were either reprimanded or demoted in some way.
This militaristic way of describing something as far reaching as a Prime Directive was typical of the time especially in post WWII America where to this day military might has become the very substance upon which policy is and has been written.

“Thou shalt not,” is still the cry in the halls of hierarchical power.

But the Prime Directive is really only of any real use for everyone if it is not combined with an authoritarian facet of ‘control by fear’. Instead, it needs to be an accessible body of ideas with many facets to it that people can choose from and this is where so called Artificial Intelligence comes in.
To get a handle on this, firstly it’s necessary to put a particular fear aside, the fear that AI can become sentient and start to control the human race. I believe that this is not actually a possibility, because AI doesn’t posses the requirements for life and so doesn’t have the requirements for consciousness. AI can exist within a soup of consciousness but not actually be conscious itself.

So if we can trust that AI will only do as it is asked to do then this leaves the possibilities for the use of this technology wide open for a Prime Directive.
Apart from a growing number of individuals like myself, the only faction of humanity that is looking at the globalisation of things are an elite of psychopathic ‘oligarchic globalists’ who have not been able to transcend the paper bag of their own egos.
Which leads me to the second concept of trust that will need to be in place for something like a useful Prime Directive to occur because greed will disappear.
It’s a big one I know but if sufficiency is an important part of The Prime Directive then having the ability to strive will be there too. Ambition will abound because the number of opportunities in life will be limitless and the accumulation of more and more of the same thing will be unattractive and unnecessary.
This is not the same as “you will own nothing and you will be happy”, which is a distortion of a major aspect of The Prime Directive, for personal gain.

What will be in The Prime Directive?

That’s up to all of us and is likely to change as prevailing opinion changes.
How can prevailing opinion be gauged? By using AI algorithms just as they are being used now by advertising companies and mainstream media to shape opinion and wants, AI can be used to gauge the combined knowledge of humanity, making it available for improvement on a global and on a local level. If AI gauges that people in a particular local area are complaining about potholes on a particular road and on a particular corner then something can be done about the situation. Once the potholes have been fixed AI will undoubtedly gauge that algorithmically also.

Algorithms are our friends

Algorithms need not be invasive, in fact The Prime Directive would be directed itself on how to gauge what it knows and how it can operate because ‘prevailing opinion’ would decide. As in the case of the potholes in the road, once the local AI government knows that the potholes are there, it doesn’t automatically inform volunteers to fix them, it gives all locals the opportunity top decide whether or not resources should be used to fix them.

The key to The Prime Directive is prevailing opinion

If people are thinking and talking about things on the internet and pretty much anywhere then prevailing opinion can be gauged by AI. This is passed on and the Prime Directive is automatically updated, giving anyone who is looking for information the very latest. Humanity’s collective consciousness will be there on the screen or even in the minds of those who are looking for ideas although the opportunity to extend beyond the prevailing opinion will always be encouraged should it be part and parcel of the prevailing opinion.
I know what you are thinking, “We will all become the Borg”.
No, not even close because there is no compulsion associated with this vision of a possible future for humanity. We can all be rogues if we wish to explore such a state because in the end it will only enrich The Prime Directive.

Consider this, AI has arrived and is not going away, so what will we do with it?

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