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The Weaponising Of Food

William Gates is now the biggest owner of farm land in the USA. As of January 1st he owns around 269,000 acres of prime farmland. If you want to control people you control their food, their water and their land. This is what the globalist agenda undoubtedly is, to control the ability of people to either feed themselves or feed others.
Alarm bells are ringing in USA about why Bill Gates is buying up so much land and what he intends to do with it. Officials are now asking him to testify to a government authority, just what his intentions are.

The local growing of food is essential to feed a population, this way food can be fresh and nourishing for those who consume it but if that avenue of nourishment is deliberately cut off or controlled by a single entity then it can easily be used as a weapon.
The international trading of non-essential foods has taken place since the beginning of civilisation but now we are starting to see the international trading of staple foods which sets the stage for mass starvation and suffering should those markets become inaccessible, mismanaged or deliberately manipulated.

The creation of local hunger in order to create dependency on international food supplies is underway and those who are putting this strategy in place are well aware that hunger can be a powerful instrument of war.

The local growing of food is empowering and the restriction of this is the removing of power from people. You take their farms, you take their land, you take their livelihoods and when you have taken all of that, you control them.
As people begin to starve, those in power say that it is the result of climate change, viruses, or anything at all to reflect from the fact that these events are man-made and have been put in place deliberately to achieve an agenda.

Farmers in Holland, Italy and Argentina are right now having their farms taken from them on the pretext of nitrogen anomalies in their soil which hurt the planet, and there are signs that this war on farmers and land owners is occurring in all countries in some form. Obviously this has nothing to do with saving the planet, it is about control and the using of food and hunger as a weapon and people need to be ready for what is coming. Communism has a long history of starving citizens and corporatised communism will be no different.

What can be done about the situation? In the Southern Hemisphere we are coming into Spring. I for one am getting the garden into shape, it may be very necessary, even in the short term. Cook your own food. Whenever and wherever, buy fresh food locally. It makes the wheels turn and is healthier than processed fare.
Be aware that those in authority are themselves under orders and so, definitely do not have your best interests at heart.

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