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Taiwan Potentially Another Proxy War For US

Most people are holding their breath while brittle and frail old Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan against the expressed wishes of The CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The 82 year old year old arrived on a military aircraft today and was received by Taiwanese officialdom to be the centre of attention for two days while the Chinese Government has responded to the visit with threats and war games galore.

The island of Taiwan sees itself as being independent from China while China sees the island as being a part of it’s empire which makes for an interesting situation when a US diplomat decides to visit without going through official Chinese channels.

The irony is that Nancy Pelosi is ‘The Speaker of the House’ for a Government of the USA which was fraudulently elected which makes the theatre of the situation even more interesting because The US doesn’t even have the backing of it’s own people let alone the rest of the world for this act of defiance against the CCP and while the housing and banking sector of China displays large cracks, making dissatisfaction with the CCP in China at an all time high, one can’t help but think that this whole piece of cinema is a part of the current manoeuvring of oligarch players for global ascendancy.

Prodding the Panda from a distance.

Who stands to gain from a war over Taiwan? The US arms manufacturers, who have always done well from conflicts created by successive US governments and by creating a war in the South China Sea and not near to home, American power players can feel safe in their homes while devastation occurs elsewhere. At least that’s the theory but it may be different for the US this time if war does occur between themselves and China. China is nuclear capable and the person in charge of all the fire power that has been accumulating on the Chinese mainland has a question mark over his ability to make benign rational decisions.

Are we on the verge of a World War?

The coming days will indicate what is likely to happen while in the mean time, the clash of political clown worlds is being watched closely by most people who have any inkling of the situation. Front page stories on all mainstream media outlets in New Zealand where I live make no mention of the event.

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