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Woke Military No Match For The Real Thing

The recent ‘Poking of the Panda’ by the USA sending an official, Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan has resulted in a hiss and a snort from the Chinese and threats of ‘dire consequences’. As a result, a major training exercise has taken place around the island and a few incursions into Taiwanese airspace have occurred but there has been no sign of a war erupting, ‘yet’. However, something important has occurred, in my eyes anyway, from this visit. The comparing of military forces, which is an exercise in itself and the results of the comparison are surprising.

There is no competition when it comes to military budgets. At an annual spend of $801 Billion, the US spends more than the next nine countries combined. China is second with an annual spend of $777 Billion, (data from Stockholm International Peace Research).
But as anyone who has studied war knows that the morale of the armed forces of a country is paramount to their ability to achieve and that is where a nation like China appears at least to have the upper hand. The well oiled, worker ant world of the Chinese military is a sight to behold while the Woke world that the US military has become is sad in comparison. The problem with the Woke world is it’s mind set, it is self-defeating, self-loathing and has a victim mentality that undermines the well-being of a person. Have a military with this condition and you have a problem.

I was recently talking to an ex-military man who had some stories to tell about the army life that is now happening in the country where I live. If a soldier feels that they are uncomfortable in a situation then they can show a card and the superior interacting with them has to cease the interaction immediately. Soldiers only have to wear boots for a certain amount of time each day then they can take them off and wear something softer like sand shoes or even slippers. Whereas soldiers used to take a small shovel with them to dig a hole for a toilet when out on manoeuvres, porta-potties are now provided out in the field, counselling for any upsetting thing is provided and the list goes on.
Realistically speaking, this type of treatment is not preparing men and women for the harsh reality of a wartime situation, but it is preparing them for a career in a politically correct, ‘entitled’ Woke life.

In most Western countries, the amount of money that military servicemen and women receive has not kept up with inflation, leaving the families of soldiers in difficulty while most of us know that too many veterans in the US live on the streets and are suffering a variety of conditions as a result of incursions overseas.
All of this combined with politicians who seem to have very little idea about what is actually taking place in the world, makes for a very dangerous situation.

So one has to ask, why are the defenders of Western nations in this condition and being encouraged to become weaker and weaker?
The only satisfactory answer is that politicians, the PC and Woke communities are on a path of self-destruction which is taking the rest of us with them. The collapse of Western Nations is inevitable when a constant undermining of infrastructures politically, socially, and economically continually occur along with the ability to defend those structures being weakened by an ideology that is pointing in a destructive direction.
The ‘build back better’ cry from the Oligarchs who are supposed to be guiding humanity can only occur if the old structures are gone and this is what they are attempting to achieve, the destruction of an old way of life in order to produce a ‘new normal’, one that will make them even more powerful and richer.

The problem is that there are a number of ideologies that are vying for the position of control once the current world has been destroyed.
Should we happen to survive, do we want to live under a social credit, fascist dictatorship? For now at least, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to prevent it from happening.

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