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Mainstream News Portrays A Politically Correct Kindergarten World

While large protests are still erupting in Holland over globalist leaders taking land off farmers for not meeting draconian nitrogen laws, the MSM (mainstream media) are silent on the matters. In New Zealand where I live the government is making moves on land for reasons other than nitrogen but objective is still the same, abolish private ownership and make all land under the control of a corporate elite. Little wonder that there is no news from the information outlets about the Dutch farmer protests which are showing signs of civil disobedience, all of the world MSM streams are under government control and are not permitted to describe anything of what is actually happening in the world.

Every now and then I take a look at the headlines on MSM to get an idea of what they are pushing and I am never disappointed, I always find that the lackeys are at it again, portraying the world as a kindergarten playground where adults are running the world and know what is best for everyone else. The puerile nature of New Zealand news has to be seen to be believed. It is either fear mongering about fictitious invisible viruses and variants that abound, with reminders that mask wearing is the best form of defence or it is full of stories about scraps occurring in the sandpit or over by the swings.

This morning, the top story was concern about a widespread hike in the cost of the local land tax (council rates) but no mention is made of what could be done about it or if any opposition to the council was being planned. When anyone reads MSM it is always an unempowering experience, it invariably leaves one with a bad taste in the mouth and the sickening feeling that there is nothing that can be done to change the dictates of oligarchs and that is because these people are effectively writing what is available to read.
The recent close call by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan went unmentioned in New Zealand’s MSM and any news about the conflict in Ukraine is always heavily weighted in favour of NATO and the Zelensky regime’s pleads for more money and weapons from the West. The current political narrative reigns supreme.

Victoria Beckham, the Commonwealth games, the All Blacks, gang life, liquor store burglaries, an errant church elder and cheating rugby league stars are the main stories in MSM for all to read this morning, unless of course you pay a subscription and then you get the real, inside meaningless information.

If people make just a small effort to look beyond this slow drip feed, the World Wide Web has many places that have important up to date information about what is happening on the planet, places that have no interest in providing condescending and agenda driven drivel, all it takes is the will to look (without using algorithmic search engines).

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