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Get Ready For ‘The Holodomor 2’

It’s ironic that the world is watching a conflict playing out in the Ukraine because that region was the scene of a most horrific event in the early 1930s. In Ukrainian it is called The Holodomor and means ‘to kill by starvation.’
No one knows for sure how many but between four and 16 million people, mainly Ukrainians, died of starvation and disease in 1932 and 1933 in what became known as the ‘Ukrainian genocide’ and what we are seeing today is leading us rapidly in a similar direction, but on a global scale.

The starvation occurred because of the power strategy of one man, Joseph Stalin (or Ioseb Besarionis dze Jugashvili as he was originally named) who weaponised food in a way that had devastating effect for the people he ruled over.
In Stalin’s eyes, the peasants and small landowners, known in Russian as ‘kulaks’, were the enemy. Instead, the backbone of his new communist state, the USSR, were to be factory workers, while the kulaks, as productive as they had become, represented conservatism and an old Russia.
To Stalin, the Kulaks had to be removed and beginning in 1932, he began stripping them of their property in order to turn the farms, especially in the breadbasket of the Ukraine, into state-owned ‘collective’ operations.
The result was The Holodomor which eliminated an entire class of Stalin’s supposed enemies, but also destroyed the Soviet Union’s economy, demoralising the country and killing much of the work force that he had decided would staff the factories.

Stalin (which means steel) had been in and out of jail for much of his adult life before he entered politics and was generally regarded as something of a ‘thug’. Then he joined The Russian Communist Party and replaced Vladimir Lenin where he discovered that fear, violence and terror could be very effective political tools when used strategically.

As The Ukraine starved so too did the rest of the Soviet Union and while workers in the cities were provided with rations for a short while, the food began disappearing and was replaced instead with propaganda on all of the media outlets of that time. The man of steel had created an authoritarian, humanitarian disaster.

In 2022 history is repeating itself with a similar disaster rapidly in the making. Puppet leaders are obsessed with making farms either unworkable or government controlled and small businesses no longer viable. The digital control of people using censorship and propagandising of media outlets, search engines, schools and even libraries is leading in only one direction, into a modern version of Stalin’s self destructive agenda, this time it appears to be growing into a monstrous idealised, communist corporatocracy. Are you ready?

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