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Are The Globalists, Baal Worshippers

The recent opening ceremony of the British Commonwealth Games raised a few eyebrows and had tongues wagging regarding the messages that were being broadcast to the world via the symbolism of the event. Some are saying that the ‘ceremony’ was a blatant worshipping of the god Baal and a statement by The Elites that they no longer have to pay homage to their God in dark places but can now use the world stage to demonstrate their faith. Others are saying that the ceremony was a call to the seventy-two participating nations to follow their leader, Baal.

The idea of Baal has been around a long time. It has no fewer than ninety mentions in the Hebrew Bible and goes back much further to Phoenician times and possibly beyond when it was often portrayed as a Sun God. But the Abrahamic religions in general, consider Baal to be a malign entity that leads the unwary astray and into shame.
The Baal (or Baʿal Hammon) entity was either a Bull or a Goat and was considered a hungry god, one who delighted in the sacrifice of children and demanded rather than encouraged worship.
To Christians, Baal became Satan or Lucifer and an entity which fell from grace and was/is an enemy of God.

This is not the first time that messages regarding the possible underlying beliefs of The Elites have appeared. Below is Marina Abramovic (an artist who specialises in evoking the macabre), posing with Banker, Lord Jacob Rothschild. The painting behind them just happens to be ‘Satan summoning his Legions’ (1797) by Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Satan or Lucifer of course is considered by Satanists to be ‘the light bringer’ and not malign at all which makes one wonder just how such a black and white world of beliefs has come about and what maintains and regulates the balance of opposing beliefs.
Perhaps it’s like in sport when one team has dominance because of it’s prowess for a while then another team with a superior coach appears on the scene and the dominance shifts. Could we live in such a small minded and fickle world?
Regardless, it appears that the masses are being encouraged to applaud displays of symbolic grandeur and enjoy the spectacle placed on offer from those in power, even if it’s not entirely clear, just what it means.

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  1. Kacey Kacey October 17, 2022

    They have the power to use much dark energy, we must use high energy every day in our thoughts and deeds and raise the light, take the power?

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