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Nuclear Diamond Batteries, A Game Changer?

Imagine having a battery that could be passed on to your future generations. That’s 933 generations (at 30 years a generation), because ‘nuclear diamond batteries’ will last up to 28000 years and don’t need recharging.
That’s right computers, smart phones, pacemakers, cars and houses will all be able to be powered by nuclear waste conducted through artificial diamonds when this remarkable technology hits the market and that is probably this year.

We all know the draw backs of lithium-ion batteries, they last a few years then degrade, and with new devices increasing daily on the planet, a better battery has been on everyone’s minds.
These batteries appear to be the answer to a lot of prayers because not only do they last a long time, they provide a use for nuclear waste that is currently buried deep below the surface of the Earth.

Once the charge of one of these batteries (28000 years in the future) has been depleted they can degrade without harm to the environment or even be recycled. They will of course outlive the life of the device they are installed in which will likely put the pressure on manufacturers to produces longer lasting devices.
Development of these batteries began at the university of Bristol in 2016 and by using a system of crystallising carbon, blue diamonds can be produced which are ideal for the heat conducting of the nuclear waste. These blue diamonds have the highest conductivity known to man, higher than copper or silver and so are the obvious choice for the job.

An unlimited number of small cell batteries can be joined together to power any device, imagine your house being powered by nuclear waste and blue diamonds. No more power bills and heat-pumps and air conditioning could be on all day if necessary.
There’s no doubt, if these batteries can be made safe (and we are assured they are safe) then this technology could indeed be a game-changer.

To watch a video with more information about this tech, click here.

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