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Confusion In Germany Over Electric Buses

While the German government is spending up big time on electric buses (1.25 billion euros by 2024) operators on the ground there are shouting real concerns about the cost.. financially, to the environment and in danger to human life, from using these vehicles.

Four cities ( Stuttgart, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hanover) have reportedly withdrawn E-Buses from service and replaced them with diesel following fires, presumably caused by overheating batteries.
One huge fire Düsseldorf caused immense damage when one vehicle caught fire while in storage spreading flames throughout the storage facility. Two other major fires in depots have transport companies re-accessing the viability of E-Buses at this time of their development.

During the winter in Germany it was found that E-Buses would not start. With temperatures of -12 degrees many buses would not work. A Berlin newspaper reported that up to 23 electric buses failed during intense cold and were replaced by diesel vehicles.

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