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Five Reasons America Is About To Collapse

America is facing a crisis: the country is falling apart. The social, economic and political fabric that holds America together is tearing at the seams. There are many things that could rapidly accelerate this downward spiral and lead to the collapse of society as we know it. But which of these emergencies are most likely? Which will come first? And which might not be so bad after all? This article explores 6 of the most likely ways that America will collapse, plus how you can prepare for this scenario so that you and your loved ones can hopefully survive and thrive no matter what happens.

Economic Collapse

As long as there have been economies, there have been financial crises and economic collapses. While their causes can vary greatly, they all have the same result: a rapid and severe decline in the availability of goods and services. When economies collapse, the resulting scarcity of food, water, land, and other essentials leads to mass famine and even death by starvation. The ability to travel and communicate also collapses. Economic collapse is civilization’s oldest and most common type of collapse. A big part of why economic collapse happens is due to a large-scale debt crisis. A society can rack up debt for years or even decades, but eventually, it will become unable to make payments on its debts. This leads to a debt crisis, where lenders call in their debts, and lenders suddenly become scarce. Another way it can occur is if it is deliberately set in motion, in order to pursue an external agenda.

Food Shortages and Famines

Be it deliberate or unintentional, when economies collapse, farmers stop producing as much food as they used to. Farming is a risky business, and it’s not something that most people can just stop doing and then start back up again when times get better. Most modern farms are highly mechanized and need constant attention, which is not something that most people can do if they don’t have jobs or other sources of income. When economies collapse, fewer people have jobs, so many farms have to scale back their operations. Farmers also stop buying things like pesticides and fertilizer, which are very expensive and not something that most people can just start buying. When economies collapse, imported foods like fruits and vegetables are the first things to disappear from grocery store shelves.

Environmental Chaos

When economies collapse, people have less money to spend on things like environmental cleanup. Environmental cleanup is incredibly expensive and requires a sustained effort over many decades. Thus, when economies collapse, there are fewer resources available to clean up pollution and other environmental damage. Cleanup efforts also require trained professionals, and when economies collapse, these professionals are usually the first people to lose their jobs. Thus, cleanup efforts are often the first victim of economic collapse. When economies collapse, people are often too focused on finding food to worry about environmental cleanup.

The Collapse of Society and Law Enforcement

When economies collapse, people lose their jobs, and they also lose their incomes. With less money, people have less to invest in education and healthcare while people also have less or little to spend on things like entertainment and luxuries. Sad though it is, when such an even occurs, people can even abandon children and the elderly. As people become more desperate, they also become more violent consequently there are fewer resources available to care for those in need. In times of collapse, people become more desperate and will often do things that they would never have even considered before. Crimes like robbery have become much more common in recent years in America. When economies collapse, society’s institutions are the first things to break down.

World War III

The United States has long been a warring nation. Conflicts with large players such as Russia, China, North Korea and Middle Eastern countries have been brewing for some time, and many experts believe that we could easily see the next great world war develop. When economies collapse, governments often see a war as a way to galvanise a nation of perhaps it is representative of a nation warring on itself. An example is the great depression of the 1930s, the second world war lifted America out of that situation. Such a period becomes a painful reset in many ways.


When economies collapse, social and political institutions also collapse. As the economy declines, people become less willing to fund things like education and healthcare. When economies collapse, society also becomes more desperate and more violent. This leads to increased crime rates as well as more wars. While economic collapse is the oldest type of civilization collapse, it is also the most common. When one major economy collapses, the rest of the world will feel it too.
If you want to survive any type of disaster, it is important to be prepared. Having supplies stocked up and a plan for how you will exist during challenging times ahead. This can help you get through almost anything, if you have the will.

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