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Trophy Projects Being Abandoned By Elites

The WEF (World Economic Forum) recently had it’s annual meeting at Davos in Switzerland and when I scanned the attendees who were listening to various speakers including the instigator himself, Klaus Schwab, many were wearing a loose-fitting garment called thobes which identified them as coming from the oil rich Persian Gulf and in particular, Dubai.
The interesting thing about this is that the mammoth ‘Trophy Projects’ that have been set in motion by many of these company owners are failing, and spectacularly.

With the exception of one of the off shore island projects (Palm Jumeriah) which can be seen clearly from space, many other large projects along that coast have been abandoned for a variety of reasons but mainly because they were ill conceived. Visitors to Dubai have complained of the ocean being filled with sewerage having views of other houses the general lack of any sustainable ecological infrastructure, but as with other areas of the planet where Elites are engaged in their golden projects, it is how things appear that is important not how they actually function.

In New Zealand where I live the same sort of thing is happening, money is being poured into ‘appearance projects’ while the roads are disintegrating without maintenance and I’m sure this is the case in many countries around the world.
The building of sky-scrapers has long been identified by psychologists as being phallic imposition in origin and there are no shortage of such constructs in places like Dubai where the money has been flowing and every-man wants a such a building named after him.
The Dubai Creek Tower was to be the tallest man-made structure in the world, (1,300 metres high) but despite construction beginning on it’s foundations in 2016, the tower has now ceased to be built, another example of Elite over-reach.

While poverty increases exponentially around the world, Elites always indulge themselves to the limit of their wealth, usually with poor taste and in grand style. This is a way of expressing their hubris and disdain for the masses, after all that is what stands them apart from the rest, large amounts of money and objects such as lavish houses and projects abound to signal to everyone else the level of their status.

But the signs are all there that many of the Elite Trophy Projects are becoming dead in the water. Like Dubai, China is another place where these think big projects are being abandoned. Some of them don’t even start, even though promises were made and money for buildings was collected from millions of people. The loot disappears and so do the projects. Others however manage to rise from the ground only to turn into ghost cities because they are not finished or due to people being unable to afford to live in them. The whole CCP zero-tolerance approach to Covid-19 has destroyed any hope for millions of people seeing their dreams of a new apartment realised.

There are constant predictions of global economic collapse being made by people in the know about things, the lopsided distribution of wealth on the planet and the childish attempt by the arrogant ones to ‘rule the world’ surely means that this increasing abandonment of trophy projects is a sign of the inevitable… great change.

Recommended reading… ‘Ozymandias’ a poem by the Englishman Percy Bysshe Shelley.

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