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NZ: MSM Can’t Understand Why So Many People Are Getting Sick

Respiratory illnesses have doubled, cough-colds are up and an unprecedented number of people are taking time off work, ‘Main Stream Media‘ are asking why? The politically engineered answer to this question basically says, well even though the population are seven times sicker than pre-pandemic times there is no connection to the so-called vaccines and that social distancing is even more important now than ever.

The growth of sickness in society hasn’t gone unnoticed among the unvaxed too who say that without a doubt the increased illnesses are due to the intensified number of covid jabs people are having which is compromising the immune systems of the vaccinated.
A rising number of critical thinkers even go further and say that this is expected as the depopulation agenda begins to kick in.

What isn’t being reported by the MSM is the mushrooming number of deaths that are occurring in society since the jabs began. Accurate official statistics are unavailable to the general public.

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