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The Danger Of Prolonged Blame

It can’t be denied, sometimes other people, organisations and governments really are to blame for certain situations and problems we find ourselves encountering or are even stuck in, but a wise person doesn’t focus on this. They focus on finding solutions and acting on those solutions. The wise don’t look too long at who or what created the situation, they look at ways to fix the problem.

Blame is a psychological tactic used by the weak of mind and as long as it is employed then it’s users will remain stuck in a mindset with overwhelming feelings of powerlessness and this is because the source of the problem has been placed entirely outside of ourselves.

Oppressors want you to blame them

The more we indulge in blame and project it towards an apparent oppressor, the stronger they get. What they don’t want is for us to disenfranchise them by not giving them the energy of blame. It’s a dark world such people live in, wanting people to hate them, but it exists nonetheless and the wise among us don’t allow ourselves to be drawn into it.

Relying on external validation

I was once told by a person that “our job defines us”. Being unemployed at the time I realised that if I bought into this idea then I had no definition and so did not exist in the eyes of many, including myself. Harbouring such an idea that ‘our job defines us’, places the validation for our existence outside of ourselves and the approval of others entirely a requirement for our continuance. In such a scenario if we don’t receive approval then we feel useless.

Blaming ourselves can be counter productive

It’s useful to acknowledge that we have done a good job, to give ourselves a pat on the back but to indulge in blame when things don’t work out is counter productive. To acknowledge to ourselves that we ‘could have done that better’ is enough to set the record straight and leave the way open to have another go at the challenge.
Depending on others to tell us that we have done a good job is unhelpful also. A wise person is just happy to have contributed to the world. Their self-esteem is not dependent on the apparent approval of others.

Happiness cannot be accomplished in a world of blame 

Everyone wants to be happy, to enjoy life, meet challenges and have successes but being trapped in a world of blame prevents this from happening because it is born of insecurity.
The solution is to slowly build self-reliance and confidence by having small successes until larger ones are possible. Anyone can do this simply by breaking free of self-doubt and incrimination and instead focusing on the enjoyment of life through accomplishment and the realising of goals.

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