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Australian Senator Calls Out The Globalists

During an official inquiry into Covid, Malcolm Roberts, an Australian senator has told globalists that they are coming for them and that they will be held accountable. He says..

“It’s become clear that people in this country and globally have been steamrolled and it is also clear that it has been integrated not just over six months, not just over two and a half years, but it has been planned over decades. The changes to legislation in this country were done so that they (the globalists) could control doctors and people. But, the people are waking and it’s thanks to all of the people here today, we know and we new that this is all bullshit and that we’ve been had. But we are going to hound you down, the people that are guilty, we are going to hound you down and hold you accountable, and we are going to expose your global agenda so that the people of Australia can be free in the future, because I love my kids and I’m looking forward to my grandkids. And we are going to save this country. Thankyou.”

Another brave man, we need more of them.

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