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Cashless, Always Part Of The Plan

One of the key components to total control by a single world government was always going to be a cashless society and now we are starting to see it happening. Being able to track and control individuals through a social credit system meant that cash had to be dumped starting with bricks and mortar businesses such as coffee shops and supermarkets.
Don’t be surprised to find that cash will soon not be accepted in such places as the Elites try to screw down the lid on their plans to be masters of the universe, our universe.

A call has been made to boycott businesses who choose this route

It has been suggested that people boycott businesses that don’t accept cash, although it depends entirely on central banks and governments who are under control of the WEF whether the wide spread withdrawal of cash from society will take place.

Alternative types of cash may appear

There is a lot of speculation about where a cashless society will take us. Alternatives to cash such as gold and silver or a barter economy may appear as people in the west resist the idea of a social credit system being introduced.
Cash is convenient but dictatorial governments don’t want it in circulation as they cannot track it’s movement.
It has been predicted that by the end of 2022 and into 2023 the old financial system will collapse as will the infrastructures holding society together. Think Covid was rough, things are about to get much worse.

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