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Spring Arrives In The Southern Hemisphere

For all of us living in the Southern Hemisphere here on Planet Earth, today (1st of September) officially marks the beginning of Spring and the signs are appearing everywhere.
Daffodils and Jonquils were out early this year as has been the peach blossom. Just yesterday on the way into town I saw a magnolia tree coming into full flower and when driving through an area of native bush, I saw the iconic white bush clematis (Clematis paniculata) dripping down through the trees.

Gardeners, call to action

Now is the time to organise the garden for the coming growing season. Acquiring Compost, growing seedlings, weeding beds, mulch preparation and the many other activities that are necessary in the garden can finally get under way after the winter wait.

It has been a wet winter

Where I live in New Zealand, it has been particularly wet. We’ve had moss appearing in unusual places this year and so water blasting of decks and mossy areas can make things look much tidier and be safer around the outdoor spaces. In the rural areas, water tanks are full, the hydro lakes are brimming and most town water supplies are topped up. With a few fine days forecast over the next week a growth spurt for lawns and other green areas is on the cards.
Some areas of NZ are in recovery mode after serious flooding so lets hope that the clean-up goes well and some time can be found to prepare for the coming growing months.

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