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Dark Times Ahead For Europe

The idiocy of the sanctions against Russia has left 751 million people facing a freezing winter in Europe. With soaring heating costs and availability of fuels diminishing, many countries in that region of the world are in big trouble. One country in particular, Poland relies almost entirely on coal from Russia to heat and run the country and that supply has been halted because of the absurd political decision to support NATO in the region by honouring it’s membership to that organisation (joined in 1999).
The sanctions against Russia have not worked but still leaders in the area exhibit large amounts of ineptitude, by insisting on dragging vast numbers of people closer to complete disaster.
One has to wonder if this whole fiasco is actually part of the Globalist de-population agenda because that is what will happen this winter if policies are not changed, people will die en-mass.
Central Europe’s winters in particular can be cold in the extreme, with temperatures falling to below -40 degrees centigrade and reach as low as -50 degrees. Even Scotland has reached -27 degrees.
With no heating in houses deaths are inevitable. Firstly the elderly will succumb and then the sick and ailing.
On a positive note, there are signs that some European leaders are re-accessing their decision to back NATO. Let’s hope that sanity prevails and that the people they represent take precedence over a dubious allegiance to a warring organisation that displays little in the way of benefit.

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