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Mass Starvation Likely

When people in city and suburban areas become hungry, within 48 hours they will hit the streets and start robbing. Shops, trucks, boats and trains, will all become targets in the search for food.
Studies have shown that in food crises times, governments always take food from farmers before it can reach the open markets. By controlling these supply lines they can say who gets food and who doesn’t.
The result is that farmers are no longer making money, so they stop growing food and famine is inevitable.

When famines happen, people die from a lack of food yes but many also die from diseases caused by a lack of nutrients. Immune systems plummet and serious air and waterborne diseases proliferate.
People don’t have to starve very much before they become desperate and societies fall apart.

With rocketing fuel costs around the world because of globalist and government policies on depopulation which are masquerading ‘Green’ agendas, all the signs are that the masses on planet Earth are about to fall into starvation abyss. Many critical thinkers are predicting and talking about this because it is obvious that if food and energy supply lines are destroyed or made so expensive that people cannot pay the demanded prices then whatever infrastructure that is in place will bend to beyond breaking point.

In Italy, people are already burning their electricity bills in public, not because they are slightly higher than usual but because they have risen 100s of percent and people simply cannot pay them on their measly incomes. In Germany city folk are already entering the forests to collect wood, any wood to keep themselves warm over the coming winter and also to cook on. That is how bleak things are looking in Europe.

There are signs that governments in some countries are backing down from their draconian policies. France is said to be reopening it’s nuclear power stations and Germany is burning coal again to generate power but one thing is for sure, unless a complete turn around is made by the leaders of these nations then mass starvation in Europe and many other parts of the world is very likely to occur.

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  1. Keith Keith September 6, 2022

    All part of the plan to kill us off.

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