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UK, New Prime Minister A Harbinger Of Dystopia

The new Prime Minister of the UK, Liz Truss has been making statements that show she is the right person to bring disaster upon that part of the world and possible the whole world. She says she is ready to drive Britain further into the ground with more sanctions on Russia. This is the woman who also said she is prepared to use nuclear weapons against Russia. Her words when asked if she would press the nuclear button..

“I think it’s an important duty of the Prime Minister, I’m ready to do that.”

Yes, tea and biscuits then push the button, no problem. Does she really think it would end there? Does she even know that Russia would see it coming and push a button too.
The woman who has replaced Boris Johnson brings a terrifying prospect to the UK top job, oligarchical globalism. Lizz Truss has been through the WEF globalist program, meaning she is one of Klaus Schwab’s puppets, just like Macron in France, Trudeau in Canada, Ardern in New Zealand and many more around the planet.

The woman who has been described as having ‘unhinged rhetoric’ that constantly speaks in notions of political and national grandeur is about to lead 67 million people into a dystopian nightmare, the British Pound is already at it’s lowest level since 1985 and falling and Vladimir Putin has warned of a catastrophic energy crisis if the West boosts sanctions.

With a cold winter ahead and Europe having plunged into an energy crisis because of the sanctions on Russia, getting an airhead, sabre rattling globalist at the helm of the UK spells big problems for the people of that region.

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  1. Keith Keith September 9, 2022

    A few quotes from Russia.
    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

    “To be honest, judging by the statements Ms Truss made on our country when she served as foreign secretary and was [a PM] candidate, one may assume with a high degree of confidence that no changes for the better can be expected,” he told reporters.

    Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, commented on the succession of governments in the UK: “Out goes the freak guy, in comes the freak lady.” He described the new PM as “an incompetent and mediocre thermonuclear Russophobe who has no elementary ideas about politics, history, geography, but wants to defeat Russia in everything.”

    Lavrov described the meeting with the foreign secretary as talking “to a deaf person.”

    Zakharova later mocked what she called the “mind-blowing stupidity” of Truss.

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