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Royalists Mourn The Loss Of Their Queen

As a very young lad my first experience of Queen Elizabeth II was when I was given a Union Jack flag on a stick and dragged along a footpath that seemed to go forever, to take my place in a long line of children of similar age. I remember we were all facing each other across the street and practised waving our flags in preparation for the big event. The sun was very hot so it must have been summer and I had no hat and so was very thirsty, but eventually the big moment arrived and in a split second a large black car went past with just enough time for me to get a get a good look at the shining chromium hub caps of the impressive vehicle. Then there was the long return walk and finally a very welcome drink of water.

Since then I’ve often wondered what on Earth such an unpleasant and bizarre experience was all about, and I’ve finally worked it out… ‘butter’.
A that time (1953, 1954) New Zealand was sending vast quantities of butter to Britain. About two-thirds of New Zealand’s entire output of butter was exported to Britain during this period and New Zealand was more reliant than any other country on earnings from butter exports. 
So to put it simply, when the Royals came on a visit, New Zealand had to put on a good show, and I and many others like me were unpaid extras in that good show.
I’ve learnt over the years that if anything political takes place, the best way to understand it is to ‘follow the money’.

So yesterday, that same queen whose presence made me stand out in the hot sun waving a flag for seemingly hours as a little boy, died. Am I mourning her death? Not at all.
Actually there are stories circulating that she has been dead for some time and that the authorities have been waiting for the right time to announce it. Why? Perhaps to distract us from other things that are happening around the planet.
Anyway, there is going to be a new monarch now and apparently he is going to be called ‘King Charles’. A grand title indeed but honestly, the only aspect to that coronation that I’m interested is an organic one. I’m told Charles is interested in organic gardening and so am I.

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