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King Charles Forced To Distance Himself From The WEF

King Charles is a proud and outspoken member of the World Economic Forum. He is the spokesperson for the green agenda that the Forum uses to manipulate you and I as well as governments into abiding by it’s policies.
It was Charles who created the idea of the ‘Great Reset’ and the ‘Build Back Better’ policy. In his speech at the World Economic Forum gathering at Davos in 2020 Charles announced that there will be more pandemics because of accelerating global warming and climate change.

“This is the one moment, when we need to make as much progress as we can.” he said.

One can look at this in a number of ways. Who is the ‘We’ he is referring to. Is it the Elites who are attempting to make inroads into world domination and of course there are so many opinions now about climate change, if it is a hoax or indeed a natural process that is being used by the Elites to further their agenda. But most of all, was the remark about more pandemics, a threat.

As the Prince of Wales, Charles could throw his clout behind the WEF and Klaus Schwab’s financial and power agendas but that has all changed now that he has ascended the throne. Why , because he is expected to have no political leanings as King but to be impartial.

The official Royal website that previously announced the beginning of “The Great Reset’ has now been removed and is being updated, no doubt to a more neutral stance.
And so, the pantomime requires that King Charles III does not have an opinion on these matters when in fact, privately and behind the scenes he is working to further the cause of the Elite circle of Globalists who would rule the world by enforcing their various agendas upon us all.


  1. Kacey Kacey October 17, 2022

    But Charles espouses the Terra Carta which puts the planet above humans, not with them.
    Written in a model of the Magna Carta, which he has shown no respect for. Claiming the title of defender of Faith, he has never once spoken out in exposing Christian persecution anywhere across the world, even in our own country. No Trust.

  2. Kacey Kacey October 17, 2022

    Thank you for this very informative article.

  3. Julia Julia October 17, 2022

    A very interesting website, good work, needs savage editing though, less-is-more!!

    Everyone is bombarded with news, emails, videos so the voices that get heard are the blunt, to-the-point brief ones. The evil left know this is true, it’s why they are winning.

    • Dan Willis Dan Willis Post author | October 18, 2022

      Thanks, I usually limit myself to one article a day but sometimes it’s not enough.

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