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Mini ITX Computers Becoming Popular

In late 2014 the pictured PC Case (Graphite Series™ 380T Portable Mini ITX, yellow, black or white) arrived on the computer scene and was immediately a hit with many gamers and general PC owners. It’s small scifi drone look with USB 3.0 ports, carry-ability, and unique cooling capability made it popular from the start.
Nowadays, this particular case is no longer available new but a lot of other mini itx cases have hit the market and mini itx motherboards to fit these proliferate. Just why this is, I’ll attempt to answer now.

People love laptops, tablets and phones because of their portability and space saving features but there are drawbacks to these devices and the main one for many people is screen size. Laptops have actually shrunk in size with 12″ and 14″ becoming the norm for school and the office but when people want to do graphics and play immersive games, a larger screen size often becomes the preference.
There are gaming laptops with up to 17″ screens with reasonable mobile graphics cards but once they get pushed, a new problem emerges, cooling. The tech in laptops is in a very enclosed space and although gaming machines have extra cooling fans they are prone to overheating, especially when they get clogged or overclocked.

Enter the mini itx. These machines are small which means they don’t take up much space and they hook up to any size of screen one prefers. In fact preference is one of the key features of these computers. They are customisable while many laptops and tablets etc. are not. A well made mini itx case can have up to five large fans for cooling, have room for water cooling and room for a powerful graphics card which can be upgraded too. So, you get all the benefits of a large PC in a small space.
Preferred keyboards can be attached and also the preferred size of power supply which usually can be standard issue in physical dimensions.
Mainboard manufactures are recognising the popularity of these small PCs and are making motherboards to suit, all of which take standard CPUs, making them fast.

There is no doubt that tech is changing dramatically these days but the desktop computer has been with us for 30 years now, so having a small stylish one rather than a large box like thing was always going to be the way it evolved.
This happened recently when I upgraded my own PC. I went for a mini itx board with a high end CPU, fast graphics card, a sizeable power supply. And I put it in the pre-loved retro case pictured above. Couldn’t be happier.

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