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Warm-Up Spaces For Germany

Authorities in Germany can only come up with one solution for the coming winter months, to create warm-up spaces for people to visit when they are freezing in their homes. The initiative is the result of sanctions against Russia and the turning off of gas, oil and coal supplies to European countries who support the sanctions. If the sanctions were dropped then supplies could return to normal but the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says he has no intentions of doing so. The result will be disaster for Germany and any other of the European countries who follow suit.

Warm-up spaces that are being planned are likely to be large buildings or halls where people can go to avoid freezing to death. No mention has been made of how the elderly and infirmed will be able to get to these places or how long people can stay in them.
Meanwhile civil unrest at the decisions being made in high places is increasing. Large scale demonstrations in both Germany and Czechoslovakia are increasing daily as the winter begins to loom.
Temperatures as low as -40 are expected this winter as they have been in previous winters and there is no doubt that the political chess games that are being played will cost European lives, possibly many.

Theories have been circulating regarding the sanctions and how they are playing into the hands of Globalists who are happy to have complete control over peoples lives. Was the constant prodding and provoking of Russia in the Ukraine a deliberate attempt to make Russia retaliate. That would give European Globalist leaders the perfect opportunity to create sanctions and ultimately have greater control over their own citizens.
The Great Reset that Globalists bleat on about so much requires that the current system collapses and we appear to be seeing that take place, rapidly and in real time as civil disobedience videos appear online regardless of the official media censorship policies of governments.

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