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Cricket Flour And Parasitic Hair Worms

Warning! This article may traumatise you because it is about the phylum Nematomorpha which are creepy worm parasites that create devastation in the hosts that they inhabit. Also known as horsehair worms, these disgusting parasitoid creatures can be found right across the planet. They terrorise their hosts by sucking the life right out of them.
Horsehair worms are capable of growing to be as heavy as the hosts they inhabit. Highly invasive, the phylum Nematomorpha can take over a host’s bodily functions and rewire the host’s brain.

The parasitic horsehair worm primarily targets invertebrate insects but scientific studies documenting the risk of horsehair worms infecting humans are being increasingly published and the results are very disturbing.

Each horsehair worm starts out as just one of 15 million eggs laid by the mother and when hatched, getting eaten becomes a baby worm’s most important priority. That way it can start it’s parasitic life in the new host. Sometimes these worms choose hosts that are likely to become food for even bigger creatures, allowing them to infect the largest possible host.

They use a type of mind control that can somehow ‘zombfy’ the host, even driving it to eventually take it’s own life.

Globalists want you to ingest ground up insects made into flour, they have stated this and are attempting to normalise it’s use.
Crickets are one of the favourite hosts of horsehair worms and there has been a big push in the Globalist Agenda to stop people eating meat and start eating food containing ‘cricket flour’.
Why? One can only guess at the machinations of distorted and sick minds but possibly it is so that firstly, they can then buy up cheap land (cattle and sheep farms that are no longer necessary) or that this is another sordid attempt to depopulate the world through food.

Having people full of worms, being sick and energy depleted would no doubt serve their purpose admirably.
So, my advice is avoid eating foods containing cricket flour that could easily be loaded with phylum Nematomorpha eggs about to hatch. MSM sources will dispute it of course but as was said, there is growing scientific evidence that humans can become hosts to these abominable creatures and with disastrous results. Do you want to take the chance?

You can watch a video about these nasties by clicking HERE.

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