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E-Bike and E-Scooter Fires Increasing

E-Bikes and E-Scooters are are becoming popular, so much so that keeping up with the demand is becoming difficult in these eco-conscious times. But it’s beginning to emerge that these devices (that is what they are being called now) are less than ideal for the planet or us as individuals in a number of ways.
As I live in New Zealand where important statistics are often unavailable, I’ve had to go by the information that is available in England and a little digging there has produced some almost frightening results.

2020 40 E-Bike and Scooter fires attended
2021 105 E-Bike and Scooter fires attended
2022 203 E-Bike and Scooter fires attended

This equates to an increase of over 400% over a two year period. The figure no-doubt corresponds to the increase in E-Bike and Scooter sales that are occurring.

The problem originates in the Lithium-Ion batteries which are capable of overheating and catching fire, even exploding. These events produce large amounts of toxic smoke which is a risk to people in the vicinity of the fire and as the bikes and scooters are often kept inside for practicality reasons, the results to apartment blocks and close houses can be catastrophic.

Conversion kits

It’s possible to convert an ordinary push bike into an E-bike using a DIY kit and it is these conversions that it’s thought fires are often caused by. Cheap import kits with faulty chargers or if a charger is lost and replaced with a different one can be the cause of a fire.

But as we have seen with Electric Cars, Lithium-Ion batteries are capable of overheating regardless of their installation and this is a real concern. Such fires are usually extremely intense making a loss of life a very real possibility. With Councils and Governments wishing to appear ‘Green’, the adoption of electric anything has been encouraged. It’s only now that the dangers of electric cars, buses, bikes and scooters are beginning to appear.

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