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Putin Warns “I’m Not Bluffing”

Following talks between nations in Istanbul which were vying for a peaceful solution to the Ukraine situation Vladimir Putin has announced that the talks were sabotaged by the West who appear to want war and conflict. He said this morning that instead of pursuing a peaceful resolution to the conflict, more weapons and mercenaries were pledged to fight Russia in the Ukraine which gives him no alternative but to look to defending Russia’s sovereignty with whatever means it has at it’s disposal.

There is no doubt that the conflict could have been avoided from the very beginning had NATO withdrawn it’s forces and allowed Russia to take charge of the border regions, thousands of deaths could have been avoided. Western strategists even recommended this but it was Boris Johnson and the Globalist Elites with all of their business interests in the area who have been pushing to keep Russia out.

Now Putin is reacting to Western leaders who have been threatening his country with Nuclear weapons saying that the West has ‘crossed the line’. He said that Russia possesses highly advanced destructive weapons and that they are prepared to use them. He also said that he is not bluffing.

In his speech this morning President Putin said that the Donbas region of Ukraine will have a referendum on whether or not it wants to become part of Russia and is confident that it will as the people there have endured terror and genocide from thugs in the Ukraine for years. Analysts say that if this region does become part of Russia then NATO will have to back off or be seen to be warring on Russia itself.

With other conflicts appearing around the world and UN member states being wound up by the US resident government, things are rapidly heading towards some sort of international or world crisis and if you have been paying attention to what is going on around the globe, you will know that a world war is exactly what a very small group of Elites want.

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