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The Wild Never Disappears, It Simply Relocates

Many moons ago (1969) I went to a picture theatre and saw a movie called ‘Paint Your Wagon’, which was a story set in a town in California during the gold rush period of (1848–1855). Well that movie, it was full of great songs and sentiments but one of the strong messages that came through from the story was one of a frustrating ‘inevitability’, that of civilisation. Here is a quote from the soundtrack..

They civilize left
They civilize right
Till nothing is left
Till nothing is right

They civilize freedom
Till no one is free
No one except
By coincidence, me

What great lyrics from Alan J. Lerner which describe what occurs when humans uncover a vein or two of gold and make the most of the situation until it has been depleted then when the Civilizers arrive, it’s time to move on.
What happens during the rush is raw and fundamental to the human condition, exciting and a place for rugged explorers, no frills individuals who require only the basics and are focused on getting a cutting edge result by interacting with and even fighting the superior forces of nature in the Wild.

I suggest that this interaction with the Wild never really dies or disappears but merely relocates and I’m choosing to let you know just where the very best veins of gold are right now.. In a much used but little understood place called Cyberspace.
When PCs first arrived in the 1980s, the Wild was discovered in abundance and I’m happy to say that I was around for that rush. Since then I’ve moved from place to place striking it rich wherever I could, in any way I could but just recently I struck gold big time when I crossed a mountain range and arrived in a frontier town called AI-art. Since then, when I’m not writing, exploring the hills and sinking mine shafts has been a preoccupation that borders on obsession. It’s hard work but the results are proving to be very lucrative.

What I’m talking about of course is the ability to express oneself successfully through the medium of text to image, a technique that uses clever algorithms to enable exciting two dimensional images to be created through the use of carefully constructed prompts. This is the current new Wild and old school artists are up in arms, declaring that this is not true art (pure gold) etc.
Regardless, the results speak for themselves and places like YouTube are already loading up with ‘how to’ videos describing mining techniques to achieve the very best results.

So, that’s about all I can say really, other than the ‘MidJourney mine’ is currently providing a great yield of rich, quality ore and as yet there are no signs of Civilizers in the area.

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