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Globalists Are Feeling A Backlash

The growing opposition to ‘the globalist agenda’ and towards globalists in general is making those who would run the world, angry. At last things are not exactly going their way with countries like Sweden and Italy and of course England showing their displeasure at the direction that the WEF and other large organisations such as the WHO and even the UN are taking away the autonomy of nations in favour of a global construction of their own making.
Liz Truss in particular is putting a spanner in the works for the tyrannical movement and is drawing criticism from key globalists in the IMF and the European Bank. King Klaus Schawb himself is blubbering with rage about the wave of radical backlash and of course the Queen Bee Ursula von der Leyen is making threats to members of the European Union if elections don’t go the globalist’s way.

The problem for these corporate communists is that people are finally waking up and seeing that the skyrocketing cost of living is the direct result of globalist policies and a small bunch of CEO’s who are determined to own everything by creating chaos in the world so that they can put the pieces back together to suit themselves under a centralised umbrella. What they haven’t taken into account is that many people may have other ideas. In fact there are places around the world that have different requirements and also have different local resources.

At the moment currencies such the Pound, the Dollar and the Euro are wildly up and down daily, just like the stock exchanges, so there’s no doubt that things are precarious, socially and economically but it’s starting to look like opposition to the globalist’s Great Reset is having an effect.

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