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Have Meta Saved Themselves?

Mark Zuckerberg and the newly re-branded ‘Meta’ have been on a monumental decline over the last year with people leaving Facebook in droves and profits declining. Their push for a VR world too has met with a lot of resistance for a number of key reasons, but the most obvious popularity killer for Meta has been the rampant censorship that Facebook has inflicted on it’s users which is a pity because that social media platform has proved to be a well designed and a useful tool for many.

However, Meta’s demise may well be halted if it is able to polish and correctly market it’s latest endeavour… ‘Text to Video.’
There have been small ‘proof of concept’ videos arriving online that are showing a lot of promise, and although there are one or two other studios that are writing ai code for this idea, Meta seem to be making a lot of progress.

In case you haven’t worked out exactly what ‘Text to Video’ is, video is put together on the fly after receiving a text prompt. In the image above, the prompt is ‘a teddy bear painting a portrait’ and a few second long video is created of a teddy bear painting a portrait.
When we think about this, the creative possibilities are enormous and following on the heels of ‘text to speech’ and ‘text to image’, a revolution in the arts and multimedia fields is definitely occurring.

I personally can’t wait to try out this new ai development, I still haven’t come down after trying MidJourney, the fantastic ‘Text to image’ engine. Text to video is going to be a remarkably creative tool and Meta may well have saved themselves.

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