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The UK In Crisis

Soaring food and fuel prices have taken people to the streets in the UK, with anger growing at the new Prime Minister’s handling of the economy.
She is facing multiple crisis on the economic and political front. A total lack of any relief for the majority of people has made Liz Truss a target of anger and her ratings have plummeted while desperate people are beginning to take matters into their own hands by not paying their electricity bills and protesting on the streets.

These days, politicians have become indifferent to protests and are in the habit of announcing that similar conditions are occurring elsewhere around the world, doing their best to downplay the pain that people are feeling as a result of these man made (woman made) economic and social catastrophes.

Truss’s first move when she got into power was to create tax cuts for the wealthy and this has fuelled outrage. The move created market turmoil this week and share prices plummeted. Investors lost billions as the British Pound fell dramatically to an all time low against the dollar.
Roads and bridges were blocked as protesters vented their anger on the weekend. Where things go from here for the Brits and the rest of the European countries remains to be seen. For sure, like many of us, they face an uncertain future.

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