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Taiwan Has Updated It’s Definition Of War

Chinese war planes and drones have been crossing into Taiwan’s air space so often recently that the Taiwanese have now updated their definition of such an incursion to being a ‘first strike’. Previously the firing of artillery shells or missiles etc. was what defined a first strike, but with so much provocation coming from China, the definition has had to be changed.

America has now openly said that it will back Taiwan should a military conflict begin but the proxy war in Ukraine has depleted America of much of it’s military reserves and China is taking notice.
The new policy means that any form of an incursion by an aggressive neighbouring state can be interpreted as being an act of war with an intention to cause harm. This entitles the defensive country to respond with military action.

The Taiwanese Minister of defence said that if any Chinese vessels or aircraft pass through the buffer zone separating the two states then they will be destroyed.
It remains to be seen if such strong words will be backed by action and if they are… what sort of escalating aggression will then develop in the area.

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