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Russia Makes A Statement About Nuclear Weapons

Russian FM spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made a long speech today condemning the Western Mainstream Media for distorting and manipulating public opinion about Russia’s intended use of nuclear weapons.
She reminds the Western Media that only one country in the world has ever used nuclear weapons, it was America when they dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WW11 which was a test of weapons of mass destruction on their part.

Ms Zakharova made it clear that Russia’s stance on nuclear weapons has not changed and that the opposite of what is being said by the Western Media is actually the case.

“One gets the impression that Washington and other western capitals may be interested in a dangerous escalation of the situation and blaming it on our country. This is being done within the framework of Washington’s destructive line, for international security and strategic stability, of securing global dominance by any means, without regard for provoking a direct armed clash between the largest nuclear powers, which is fraught with catastrophic consequences. Such a development of events, if it is professed at the official level, must be prevented.”

Like anyone of sound mind, the Russians obviously don’t want a nuclear war to happen.

Watch the complete video announcement Here.

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