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Time To Get Your Money Out Of The Bank

Now is the time for people to get their money out of the bank and disperse it in hiding places. Sound far fetched, it’s not. Governments are getting desperate for cash and are quite happy to take it from people, because they can. Freezing accounts and emptying safety deposit boxes of their contents is now becoming more common as people in California discovered this week when the FBI raided the Beverly Hills branch of a vault system and seized 86 million dollars in cash as well as jewellery and gold from 1400 safety deposit boxes. None of the people who owned the boxes have been charged with any crime and the event has been described as the ‘largest armed robbery in US history.’

Having your wealth under your own physical control is now becoming paramount as those in authority are looking for ways to relieve individuals of what they own in order to save themselves or fund their own activities.

Governments are finding that as import supply chains are drying up, the effects are impacting on them as well as individuals in the streets and so the mind set of a ‘free for all’ is beginning to appear in the halls of power.
Take note, and look for ways to take control of your wealth before it’s too late.

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