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Will More Pipelines Be Targeted?

Workers on the North Sea Oil Rigs are reporting what look like military drones in the skies around their platforms. After the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline people are beginning to ask if the same could happen in the North Sea. The answer from some is yes and there are so many pipelines emanating from rigs in the North Sea that they could not all be protected.

Many are now pointing the finger at the Biden Administration for hurtling the world into a dangerous situation. They seem determined to make as many enemies as possible, create conflict wherever possible and have as many people killed as possible. And for what?

Will the North Sea become the next battleground as tensions rise, will it be Taiwan, or perhaps North Korea. The planet is rapidly arriving at a flash point but rather than a battle over resources simply for wealth, what appears to be happening is the weaponizing of gas and oil by creating a lack of it for certain regions.

There is no doubt that Europe is about to struggle through the arriving winter and if gas and oil supplies from the North Sea are also disrupted then real trouble will be the result.

OPEC are cutting back their production of oil which means that prices for petroleum products in the US and other countries in the world are about to rise again.
Whatever the motives behind the destruction of the Russian pipeline to Europe, there is a growing fear that the same sort of events could soon occur in the North Sea, one can only wait and watch.

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